Olympic torch visit!

We were extremely lucky to have a visit from Lucy, a torch bearer who ran 300m at Invermoriston.  She answered lots of questions and let us all have a hold of her torch.  Matthew even ran with the torch to give it back to her!!

We have been researching the Olympic parks and venues

Our task this week was to find out about the Olympic park and venues for London 2012 and then  present it to the class and our P1 buddies in any way we wanted.  But our class love power points so much that every pair, or trio used power point.  Some parks and stadiums were the Olympic park/stadium, Hampden Park, Greenwich park, the Aquatics center and Lords Cricket Grounds.  Even though we all did power points they were all so different.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emily-”My favourite stadium is the Basketball arena because I like basket ball!”

Matthew-”My favourite stadium  is the Royal A rtillary Barracks because shooting takes place there!”

Josh-”The BMX track because it goes up and down!”

By Sarah

Olymic and Paralympic Venues Tara Jemma

Olympic and Paralympic parks and venues Lucy, Matthew & Sarah Final

Olympic and Paralympic Parks and Venues by Lottie`s Group

Olympic and Paralympic parks and venues Final

Olympic and Paralympic venues – by Jessica and Ailsa!!!!!! FINAL!!

Olympic parks and venues Jordan + Mark FINAL!!!!

Olympic Venues &Parks!!! by Innes’s team Final!!!!

Parks and venues for the Olympics emily Final

Parks and Venues!!ellie and tanya Final

Great Olympic Torch’s

For homework we had to design our own Olympic torch and write  about how we made it.  We presented them to the rest of the class and told them how to make it.  They were all different to each other.  Kurt.

The 5 major regions of the World

We have been learning about what the Olympic rings represent.  Each ring represents a major region of the World – Asia, Europe, Oceania, North & South America, & Africa.  The colours have been chosen as blue, black, red, yellow or green because 1 or more colours appear on each of the competing countries national flags. 
In our homebase teams, we researched a major region and presented our facts to the class.  These are our findings –



Oceania 2

Facts about Africa

South and North America Facts

Celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee!!

You are looked fantastic for the Jubilee!!  Well done for putting in so much effort! 

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Making Golden Ticket !!!!

Today some of P5/6 and our P1 buddies were making Golden Tickets. The Golden Tickets were made for the `Jar Stall` for the Summer Fayre.

When we were making the Golden Tickets, we had strips of yellow paper and we shaded them in gold. Then, we wrote the date of the Summer Fayre, when to come to the stall and what stall it was.  

The Golden Tickets were made for the people who have brought in Jars.  If you receive a Golden Ticket, you will be able to come to the Jar Stall at 10.30 to receive your number of Jars. You will be able to try and get the ‘Giant Jar’.

By Lucy ! 🙂

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Ailsa’s brilliant homework

A huge well done to Ailsa who presented her findings about the Mayor of London as a powerpoint presentation.  I learnt some many facts I did not know!!  You put so much effort into this Ailsa – keep it up!!  What do you think of her powerpoint?  Please leave her a comment.  The video link included in her slideshow will work when opened as a seperate internet page.

Ailsa’s Presentation